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smagnuso, smj, magdaddy, duncan, joeblow, davek, jartz, bubeck, dejan, greggilmore, tamarack, dpalmer, rodhoon, hmmv, fleissig, wendolen, drspock, c22, bmaust, billt, sg, ghz, tombking, pmode, grobe0ba, jeramey, hatrack, dagon, peteyboy, mrstombking, robbinstw, pbaldridge, noahb, sklegg, mechanicjay, mtbentley, courtesanm, davidel7, sprort, burmashave, lburton, squonk, lifeinarenoir94 Seattle (King) us -122.331W 47.6064N
survey of 7683 SDF users in 142 countries
13/08/2012: Due to a small oversight, temporary files weren't deleted, so the map ran into its quota limits.

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