mapquery/whereami credits

SDF, Public Access Unix System:
Yes, Stephen (smj), thanks for keeping this great system up and running, even in hard times and with users like me.
Of course, thanks to all the SDF'ers who put themselves on the map already. This is what we call a global community!
The homepages are (SDF) and (SDF-EU).
Software: MapServer:
This is the program that does the real work... creating the maps. Mapquery is simply a wrapper around it.
The homepage of that great project is to be found at:
Software: vplanet:
Creates an image containing the lighted parts of the earth (what an astronomical calculations!).
Created by John Walker, his page is at, go for "earth and moon viewer".
Data source: locations outside the US:
Toponymic information is based on the Geographic Names Data Base, containing official standard names approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names and maintained by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency. More information is available at the Maps and Geodata link at The National Imagery and Mapping Agency name, initials, and seal are protected by 10 United States Code Section 445.
Data source: locations in the US:
United States Geological Survey, Geographic Names Information System, Downloadable State and Topical Gazetteer Files,
All data and information contained in any of the data files were provided without guarantee as to their completeness or correctness. Any conclusions drawn from these data and information are the sole responsibility of the user.
ASCII world map:
A world map made by Jorn Barger. Found it in the google groups (alt.ascii-art posting, Dec 10, 1995, 10:00am).
It's only recently that I found where I originally found it... will contact him "later". I hope he doesn't mind me using it till then.
ESRI shapefile of the world:
Center for Applied Geoinformatics TerraSpace,, created the world 1 : 11 000 000 political map free GIS data, which I found at the geo community.
ESRI shapefile of US states:
Source: AWIPS Counties @ 1:2,000,000 for CONUS, Census TIGER95 polygons for Non CONUS.
ESRI shapefile of Antarctica + grid:
04 January 2000 - Version 1.01
The file contains the Manifold WorldTZ map of world Time Zones in ESRI shapefile format.
This map was originally published in Manifold System GIS format and is provided under the Free Software Foundation's General Public License (GPL).
(c) 2000 Manifold Net Ltd.
Satellite Image of the Earth:
All credits to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center:, image by Reto Stockli
Reproduction Guidelines/Copyright (from the NASA site)
Unless otherwise noted, all images and animations made available through Visible Earth are generally not copyrighted. You may use NASA imagery, video and audio material for educational or informational purposes, including photo collections, textbooks, public exhibits, and Internet web pages.
Google Maps:
Thanks to the people who made, it needs no introduction...
The map uses the google maps API: